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CAREANIMATIONS (www.careanimations.com) is a healthcare company founded in 2016 in the Netherlands, specialized in providing reliable, accessible, and easy to understand medical information, using tailored, interactive videos and animated pictograms.

With this approach CAREANIMATIONS aims to also reach those with low health literacy skills and/or limited language proficiency. The ultimate goal is to improve patient’s knowledge and understanding, and by achieving this, improving patient adherence to treatments, leading to a reduction of disease burden, better quality of life and less healthcare costs.

CAREANIMATIONS’ current portfolio consists of more than 10.000 videos and several hundred pictograms. Primary focus thus far has been pharmaceutical information. In the Netherlands over 90% of all pharmacies provide Careanimations information to their patients. All major health insurance companies are reimbursing distribution and the Ministry of Health and the Dutch FDA ensures the reliability of the information provided.

In the United States, CAREANIMATIONS works together with MedSapient (www.medsapient.com), a medical company from Boston with whom we share the objective to improve the lives of people with limited health literacy skills. The first product to be introduced in the US together with MedSapient is a platform with animated videos about the COVID-19 vaccine, see www.watchcovidend.com.